Mayhem 2020 | Issue 8


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I am again reminded that poets are broken people braving a broken world, and that ultimately it is the bravery of expression in their songs and poems that allows both their makers, their readers and listeners, to transcend the exigent difficulties of our contemporary life.

- Michael Steven, Mayhem 2020 | Issue 8

Guest edited by the luminous Michael Steven, this soft-bound A5 copy of Mayhem Literary Journal 2020 | Issue 8 features work from diverse and exciting writers from across Aotearoa New Zealand. This issue also includes work by Sargeson prize winners, as sponsored by the University of Waikato.

Mayhem 8 is once again printed on carbon neutral, 100% recycled FSC paper, and is packaged in reclaimed and recycled products where possible before delivery.

The sale price of each issue reflects the cost to bring this bumper issue into production, including a free copy to each published contributor – it's our small way to pay back the wonderful writers who make this journal possible.

Buying this limited print issue supports local publishers, Aotearoa New Zealand writing and Mayhem Literary Journal.

Aroha nui,

Mayhem x


Shivani Agrawal
Tiffany Allan
Ian Andrews
Maia Armistead 
Helen Ballinger
Tony Beyer
J E Blaikie 
Catriona Britton 
Jessie Burnette
Ellen Morgan Butler
Janet Charman 
Madeleine Child
David Čiurlionis 
Imé Corkery 
David Coventry 
Elijah Dawson 
Duncan Eddy 
Rachael Elliott 
Sally Franicevich
Jasmine Gallagher
Miriama Gemmell
Michael Hall 
Jordan Hamel
Matthew Harris 
Paula Harris
Jenna Heller 
Zoë Higgins 
Liam Hinton
Marcus Hobson 
Chris Holdaway 
Lily Holloway 
Hayden Hyams 
Gail Ingram 
Amelia Isac 
Lincoln Jaques
Eefa Jauhary 
Pippi Jean
Barney Johnson 
Anthony Lapwood
Wes Lee
Kira Lees 
Leila Lois
Sophie MacDonald 
Mary Macpherson
Zoë Meager 
Layal Moore 
Josiah Morgan 
Nithya Narayanan 
Emma Neale
Airana Ngarewa 
Siân Norris 
Keith Nunes 
Jilly O’Brien 
Leeanne O’Brien 
Claire Orchard
Robyn Parks 
Kimmy Parsons
Sarah Penwarden 
Phillida Perry
Susy Pointon 
Mark Prisco
Hayden Pyke 
essa may ranapiri
Vaughan Rapatahana 
Richard Reeve
Robert Rinehart
Phoebe Robertson 
Brittany Rose
Dadon Rowell
Naomii Seah 
Avinash Sen 
Elizabeth Smither 
Erica Stretton 
Jasmine O M Taylor 
Michaela Tempany 
Loren Thomas 
Joy Tong 
Rhegan Tu’akoi
Jill Varani
Laura Williamson 
Sophia Wilson 
Sue Wootton
Annetta Zelley

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