issue 9 | december 2021

Guest Edited by Stephanie Christie & Mark Prisco


Shivani Agrawal

Sian  Alexia

Aimee-Jane Anderson-O'Connor

Maia Armistead

Carrie Cornsweet Barber

Tony Beyer

Victor Billot

Lara Brownie

Danny Bultitude

Jessie Burnette

Ethan Christensen

David Čiurlionis

Rosie Copeland

Imé Corkery

J. Cote

Molly Crighton

Vicky Curtin

Eli Dawson

Leah Dodd

Katie Dunbier

Duncan Eddy

Annette Edwards-Hill

Eliana Gray

Angela Halie

Aradhana Hamilton

Paula Harris

K-t. Harrison

Bronte Heron

Liam Hinton

Lily Holloway

Isabella Howarth

Jessica Howatson

Evie Howell

Hayden Hyams

Lincoln Jaques

Eefa Jauhary

Pippi Jean

J. Wiremu Kane

Hebe Kearney

Erik Kennedy

Wes Lee

Kira Lees

Hannah Lynch

Allan J. Manson

Abigail  Marshall

Liam  McBreen

Jo McNeice

Terry Moyle

Claire Orchard

I. K. Paterson

Jane Paul

Kim Pears

Sarah Penwarden

Toakahu  Pere

Phillida Perry

Meché Phillips

Hayden Pyke

Sophie Rae-Jordan

Mary Raleigh

Erin Ramsay

Kay Ramsbottom

essa may ranapiri

Vaughan Rapatahana

Anna  Reed

Phoebe.  Robertson

Bianca Rogers-Mott

Dadon Rowell

Rachel Sawaya

Grace Shelley

Nigel Skjellerup

Michael Steven

Sarah L. Taggart

Rowan Taigel

D.A. Taylor

Feana Tu‘akoi

Siobhan Kahu  Tumai

'Ailine Vakasiuola

Susan Wardell

Tim Wilson

Sophia Wilson

Eva Wyles

Angela Zhang

about this issue

Mayhem Literary Journal - Issue 9 was published in December 2019, guest edited by Stephanie Christie and Mark Prisco.

Many thanks to the generous sponsorship Hamilton City Creative Communities for providing financial support that enabled us to get this issue to print.

Editor: Dr Tracey Slaughter

Deputy Editor & Publishing: D.A. Taylor

Cover art: Eliza Webster


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