issue 7 | october 2019

edited by Tracey Slaughter


Shivani Agrawal

Sara Ali

Melanie Allison

Ivy Alvarez

Aimee-Jane Anderson-O'Connor

Hamish Ansley

Bill Bradford

Ellen Morgan Butler

Tania Collins

Maria-Teresa Corino

Imé Corkery

Jeni Curtis

Semira Davis

Makayla Dick

Claire Duncan

Kirsty Dunn

Annette Edwards-Hill

Rachael Elliott

Dara Flaws

Jasmine Gallagher

Eliana Gray

Lynda Hall

Jordan Hamel

Matthew Harris

Paula Harris

Jenna Heller

Michelle Hickman

Liam Hinton

Lily Holloway

Jessica Howatson

Ed Howell

Maeve Hughes

Lincoln Jaques

Briana Jamieson

Ash Davida Jane

Eefa Yasir Jauhary

Wes Lee

Andrew T. Lyall

Kate Mahoney

Allan J. Manson

Conor Maxwell

Jack McConnell

Nina McCullagh

Caoimhe McKeogh

Olivia Mead

Tori Mitchell

Layal Moore

Josiah Morgan

Elizabeth Morton

Terry Moyle

Nithya Narayanan

Elijah Neilson-Edwards

Bob Orr

Sarah Penwarden

Meg Prasad

Mark Prisco

Hayden Pyke

Maggie Rainey-Smith

essa may ranapiri

Vaughan Rapatahana

Brittany Rose

Dadon Rowell

Caleb Shepherd

Carin Smeaton

Tycho Smith

Rachel Smith

Ruby Solly

Erica Stretton

Loren Thomas

Rhegan Tu'akoi

Kathryn van Beek

Trish Veltman

Heidi Lee Rogers

Kavesh Vythilingam

Waikaremoana Waitoki

Laura Williamson

Tim Wilson

Xiaole Zhan

about this issue

Mayhem Literary Journal  Issue 7 was published in October 2019, and featured among its pages 2019 Sargeson Prize-winning works.

Many thanks to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Waikato for providing some financial support for this issue.


Editor: Dr Tracey Slaughter

Deputy Editor & Publishing: D.A. Taylor

Editorial team: Aimee-Jane Anderson-O'Connor & essa may ranapiri

Graphic design: Theadora Allison


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