Mayhem 2018 | Issue 6


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While the online store is sold out of this issue, there may yet be copies at Poppies Bookstore in Casabella Lane, Hamilton.

But the writer in me – who, as Katherine Mansfield wrote, has always been powered by a ‘cry against corruption’ – will always get hold of her battered banner and say: words can save the world. They’re all we have to save it – and they’ll always be the source, the flame, the way forward. They’re how we reach out, move ahead, how we show the hurt and heal it, how we join in protest and in aroha, how we endure and connect...

- Tracey Slaughter, Mayhem Issue 6

Mayhem Literary Journal Issue 6 was first published online in October 2018. Due to high demand, we've commissioned a SECOND limited print run of our sixth issue.

This soft-bound A5 copy of Mayhem 6 features work from diverse and exciting writers from across Aotearoa New Zealand. Mayhem 6 is printed on FSC-certified carbon neutral paper and packaged in reclaimed and recycled products before delivery.

Mayhem hasn't received funding for this print issue, so we're unable to give away copies to our contributors (yet!). The ticket price for this hard copy of Mayhem 6 reflects the cost to bring the issue to print and get it into your hands.

Buying this limited print issue supports local publishers, Aotearoa New Zealand writing and Mayhem Literary Journal.

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