Mayhem 2020 | Issue 8 PRESALE


I am again reminded that poets are broken people braving a broken world, and that ultimately it is the bravery of expression in their songs and poems that allows both their makers, their readers and listeners, to transcend the exigent difficulties of our contemporary life.

- Michael Steven, Mayhem 2020 | Issue 8

Guest edited by the luminous Michael Steven, this soft-bound A5 copy of Mayhem Literary Journal 2020 | Issue 8 features work from diverse and exciting writers from across Aotearoa New Zealand. This issue also includes work by Sargeson prize winners, as sponsored by the University of Waikato.

This issue will launch in the first week of December, 2020, but here's your chance to reserve your copy in advance. If you'd like to collect your copy/ies at our launch event at Never Project Space in Frankton, Hamilton, then select the "3 Dec - Collect" option and let us know when we see you at 6 pm!

Mayhem 8 is once again printed on carbon neutral, 100% recycled paper, and is packaged in reclaimed and recycled products where possible before delivery.

The sale price of each issue reflects the cost to bring this bumper issue into production, including a free copy to each published contributor – it's our small way to pay back the wonderful writers who make this journal possible.

Buying this limited print issue supports local publishers, Aotearoa New Zealand writing and Mayhem Literary Journal.

Aroha nui,

Mayhem x

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