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And perhaps when we hold a book, our bodies taste and ponder what has gone into its making – perhaps we’re left with a deeper physical impression of where the words came from, what they cost. We open a book, let its pages shiver, we laugh out loud or bow in hush, and we recognize the human source of the voice. 
- Tracey Slaughter, Mayhem Anthology

Published in March of 2016, Mayhem Anthology collects the best works from the first three issues of Mayhem Literary Journal.

Generously sponsored by the University of Waikato and edited by Dr Tracey Slaughter, this soft cover copy of Anthology includes works from:

Erin Doyle
K-t Harrison
Tim Shipton
Vicky Curtin
Chris Lee
Jeanie Richards
Faith Wilson
Stephen Henderson
Indigo Smith
Hannah Dewhurst
Liam Hinton
Robert Taylor
Hamish Ansley
Conor Maxwell
C.M. Perry
Lee Kimber
Helena Dow
Adele McKelvie
Kristy Lagarto
Shannon Newlands
Nick Pearce

Carl Unterahrer
essa may ranapiri (as Joshua Morris)
Loren Thomas
Renée Boyer
Jessica Tuakeu
Tyla Bidois
Beth Pearsall-Peters
Fabian Tipene
Maryana Garcia
Boris Cookson
Kay Ramsbottom
Alison Robertson
Rachael Elliott
Mark Anthony Houlahan
Melody Wilkinson
Brittany Rose
Mike Bilodeau
Onyx Lily
Karl Guethert
Monique Van Lamoen
D.A. Taylor

Buying this book supports local publishers, Aotearoa writing and Mayhem Literary Journal.

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