42 Degrees - Melanie Allison

the air in your lungs 
is stuck
to the charred hand
of a thousand 
lost memories
        I’m okay

you’re tied
in a knot
                in gasoline

swallow Clorox
                into a 
                        5 dollar

blanket eyelids
                breath taste 
        of silver ash
crushed Ibuprofen

saltwater scalds 
dries throat to 
        gritted sand

construction nail  
hooked in ribs
        pinched heart
                can you breathe?

don’t cry 
I know the walls 
are too white 
and the floors 
smell of aloe vera

It’s impossible to 
accept someone 
as memory

                you’re at 42 degrees, kid 

Someone Else - Melanie Allison

        a 1950’s movie
        cobalt eyes
        cat smile
        matched with a 
        blues brothers shirt

        can’t see why
        i scream into my pillow
        and pour tears into 
        your chest

tell me where it hurts, baby

i see 
        my sister’s head
        smashed against the corner of a
        diamond swimming pool

        maple syrup blood
        in a chlorine ocean

i see
        a demon
        that tastes of
        green apples
        and winfield rum 

i feel
        nicotine fingers
        grasp my breasts 

tell me where it hurts, baby

        there’s a scythe stuck
        in the cavity of my chest

        iron needles 
        pierce my cortex 

it hurts, baby

i dream 
        of a yellow lighter
        a two-bed
        that was once
        my home

        you’ve got no reason 

to cry.

Contributor's Note

Melanie Allison is a writer of creative non-fiction, studying Theatre and English at the University of Waikato. Her partner wrote this bio so she would sooner assist him with making a cheesecake.


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