fuck palmy north - Bronwyn Laundry

i drove 5 hours to get my heart broken.

i knew it was coming
and i still got in the car
hungover at 8.30am
on a saturday
easter long weekend

all because
i wouldn’t let you go
you really wanted me to

you were gone when i got there
went to the motorbike races in feilding
with your cousin
(you knew i was coming)

and i sat in the plaza
like a fucking cliche
waiting for the text
“on our way back,
it’s tough wrangling the lads”.

i knew when i saw you
so we made quick work of it 
a 20 minute walk 
in the park
while it spit
and i poured

neither you or the sky
could manage a real tear
but after
we still kissed
on your uncle’s couch
all weekend
(for old time’s sake)

even held hands 
at lunch
in the promenade
in front of all the families.

but it’s no surprise
only a fool
drives to the manawatu
just to hear it
in person

i hope the next guy
spares me
(the rising petrol costs)
and does it

Contributor's Note

Bron graduated from Waikato last year with a BA in English and History after a three year long love affair on the Nexus editorial team. She now spends her days at an agency desk, thinking of ways to make ad copy more poetic.


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