Wild Peaches - Sigred Yamit

I want to live my days in poetry
I want to walk with poetry, Chihuahua-esque
        have it inside my bag and call it Peaches
be midnight
        and have the moon ghostwrite for me 
move somewhere exotic
        like Geelong, Bruges, or Dublin
                à la James Joyce and catch my
                        wife cheating on me
I am a Cat 5 cyclone looking for shelter
I am my own solar system
        It’s ludicrous to think no one
                has joined me in revolving 
                        around me
I am a wine barrel with holes 
        Dionysus is my sad daddy
I am still on my mind
        like phlegm in my throat
I want to realign my crooked bottom 
sit on the bath tub
        for a day and see my mistakes float
                and wink at me
                        taunt me, call me an idiot 
eat Durian and watch the others
                retch and hail me as a warrior
I say the hardest words in the English language
        with my funny Filipino tongue
list all of men’s greatest plights from 
        parting the red sea to obliterating cities
                make them into an epic
                     it’ll rival Gilgamesh and Nietzsche 
make all flowers sexless
       and nature hypoallergenic and finally
              sit on grass 
tell all those people that
       this Filipino can write and
              her Asian vowels may seem inconsequential but
                     she’s already made you into hieroglyphics
I eat my peaches cold, toast my bread for 5 seconds flat
       enjoy my peppermint tea during passable mornings

Contributor's Note

My name is Sigred Yamit and my poems have appeared in Printable Reality and Poetry New Zealand. In my spare time I watch puppy videos, write poetry, and dream of being a film connoisseur.


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