The modern woman - Eefa Yasir Jauhary

‘trust me that as I ignore all law to help the slave,
 so will I ignore it all 
to protect an enslaved woman” – Susan B Anthony.

I am
the avalanche that broke the backs of men
the cracked teeth and mangled bones
the blue-black bruises 
the blood under the sun

Our picket signs are for you
Men, who say:
Flesh, only good for a fuck
Baby making factories
And we say,
“Give us a voice” in red ink
Blood drips down your batons
Blood of the womb that made you
A woman’s place is everywhere. 

Vodka stained velvet couches 
Trap beats and flashing lights
Sundays are for Church
Saturdays are for The Hood 
Blurry visions do not hide
Hands that grab every curve
“Your tits, big and juicy”
“Your ass, fuckable”
Zig zag run to the toilet
Spew on white tiles
Alcohol breath at every turn
There’s other girls waiting too.

Femen, fuck the men,
Take back our bodies!
Our flesh burn
Paint clings onto sun soaked bodies
Sweat fuses with the red
Drips down our legs
Is this what you see 
When you open Playboy
And hide your tissues in the morning?
The silhouette you crave at night
Become the weapons that will conquer in the morning
Bodies that give life
a “violation of community guidelines”
Instagram deletes our freedom
Breasts that you suckled on as a baby
A violation
Drone strikes
Mangled bloodied corpses
Animal carcasses ravaged by humans
Violates nothing
Censor the nipple!

Contributor's Note

Eefa is a lover of all things feminine and the color pink. A poet since young and hopefully a published author in the future, she spends most of her time indulging in pop culture, writing or watching tennis.


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