Don't Dream of Gravity - Lillith Fontaine

I am phosphorous on a winged stallion 
a planetary dreamed sequence.

Supersonic through folds of space
Sophia in 
atomic silence & primordial wisdom
to hand me the universe
etched on an earthenware vase.
Each hieroglyph each bump
braille under eyelids
scratch them open.

I have awoken
a fragrant lotus on a gilt mirror.

I am the colour of symphony.
a congealed palate of dead stars.
The Jaguar god 
that leaps at the sun
to create a tsunami 
in a shot glass.

I am thunder’s aftershave
and a perspiration of rain. 

Contributor's Note

True to her namesake Lillith Fontaine embodies the night, the emotional and spiritual aspects of darkness; sensuality and unbridled freedom. Inspired by the magic of words she is a believer that they can unlock universal truth. She writes poetry based on reality and fantasy while balancing a blessed life of full time work, travel, the quintessential companion cat and feverish erratic writing.


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