well fuck me, right? - Mark Prisco

If my days were a broken vase with all the bits scrambled on the floor,
I’d make a start - set aside the blue
skies, identify the bland skin, teeth, eyes, glass
on the sand like sea shells, a night in the cells, 
the long walk home.

The street’s lined with shit but in my dream
everyone’s on it. The emotion is…
excessive. I’m mastered 
by it, recognise my soul
mate, kindred

spirit. The police officer, however,
doesn’t, & I’m dissed, un
dressed, arrested. But he doesn’t know me, 
so it isn’t his fault.

I set it aside, as an aberration, 
not up there with post-modern torture, 
bad nevertheless. At

9 I knelt on the bedroom floor, forlorn,
smiling for the camera
was there. The sun
had cast shadow, framed
the light & I shone by the window.

You told me I was beautiful
& I wish you hadn’t;

I’m dumb-
fucked now, when I think about it.

But I lay this aside for the bird song 
that stills the bare trees of winter;

you in the morning, pale
after love, yes; &
crushed; the freesia 

ossified between the pages 
of your book: a man in love 
with his solitude – 

ladies, gentlemen…
Giuseppe di Lampedusa!

I’m bewildered by the 
multitudinous fragments: 
shards from a cup        hurled 15
ff-fucking years ago.

I can’t say it without my,
chest contracting;                stench of 
                                carpet, non 
                                mentis; Mentholatum, non capisco
niente.                         Gynolium. Bathroom. You make me
sick, but it’s not your fault-it’s-my-fault-
really. For being – what did you fucking call me – a Vulgar 
Latinate? Interesting &, this too

I set aside
in the 2 dollar basket                 to rummage thru
when I’m almost


Here’s the day when I wept at a funeral & said nothing because
what can you say.

I don’t care for the lovable scoundrel & all that
sort of thing. The sentiment
is false. Not worth uttering, 
the respect. I hate 
in the dead
what I hate in the living & I don’t forget
just because you’re burnt.

The bees are humming, or thrumming – whichever sounds more
menacing; plucking the fruits of my flower. 
Unheard melodies are sweeter. I’ve been
your honey since the sixties. Give it to me
still, tho I’m Rubenesque & 
always hungry. 
                Milk goes to the skin
of my thigh, my indolent
posture. Slide your finger. 
Mother. Gentleman

I Remember a day so distant
like it’s Ancient Rome.

        I’m in 
the hall. The sun 
strikes the hard 
        & I walk toward, 
like the dead,
the light

& then there’s
nothing after that.

I remember nothing, howls 
over the mountain; & when the sun 
rose… flocks roll with the season; 
cattle bow, slowly.

Drift. Become, 
into. How lips
form, the tongue curls 
the word. What you mean.

When you talk. Talk
ly, like

we’re alone in the room
& the world 




It’s difficult.
Hard. Every second

the bass - Master/Slave – 
drum.                                    & in
the interim hit
the high
hat cymbal.

Pain is good if you deal with it, under-
stand how it happens. 

But no sod knows nothing about it
except for scientists & they don’t know shit;

the metaphysic. The 
Rock ‘n’ Roller  

Sisyphus still; chains the
Hero &,
rapes him.

Calls him names.

Bends Him [sic] to his [sic]
will. I discover this
as the Son shafts the crack 
thru the stained-glass window, 

& when it’s over, there’s

drift - Mark Prisco

I’m wasted in the strange city.

There’s reason to be
& not. In the haze between 

light & dusk. My knees are where
                                        the heart was.

I live it still
like it is. In morpheus 

dreams wild pigs are driven from         
                                        the precipice.                        

Lord, what dost Thou think? 

                                        of that?

Flat as a bedspread, I’m on
the Nod, 
        between blinks        I know                        how                         god’s 
mind works: is                slow, an’ ee-                                                                zy Fuck 
me, Son: you wanna watch where you’re going.                                        Save the World,

then orgasm.                                                Think of the children.
Recycle.                                                 Public morals Oh,
                                                        Scandal. What if I?
finger the cracks in 
my cell,                                                 embryo. Decorate
                                                        the wall, paint it shit
to express my displeasure.                                I’m not
young                                                        but
I’m an animal                                                the in-
articulate King,                                        
the Lord 

in a manger.

Drooling on the sofa.        Deus - 
come, why-not.                                Now.
In a                                                brand 
Spanking.                                                                                                                                        On a

Motorcycle                                        ex
Machina. It

happens.                                         For reals - I’m dead! &
the Hand descends &                                 lo(l)! I’m on 
the street again,                                 Lumbered but,                                 

something out of nothing - Mark Prisco




An eye


behind the bush; the whole

face, twin-

Lord scorcheth.
I can crawl but,

there’s skin where a scar was.
You was. Framed
by the abstract

                        of the flame,


slow but
        as a cloud
                sails across, 

Libra, Centaurus,
        as a hand
                waves across

the night
like a

                Magellanic cloud.        

All things tempt us

Turning something into nothing also feels miraculous.
The wife in the photo, mother, has that look about her
like she’s gone, not coming back & never was, there
in the frame, even the furniture’s arranged, props
for the mind. There’s only emptiness, atoms of
our experience, a soul-less chair in the corner,
blade on porcelain, talcum powder. 

Do you feel like such a liar? when you comb your hair 
in the mirror & take your shoes off at night.

Anyways, it’s like you’re really missing, which 
demonstrates the passing of time: you’re in the room
they were in –

& they’re on the outside,
looking in.


(As an aside - )

Do you think you’re better than me?
I know people that ask that are wankers but,
Do you think you’re better than me?


I punched him suddenly.
The feeling that prompted my reaction
stirred gradually: a minute 

thirty passed from the initial surge 
that penetrated the back door
of my system, 

& went like a brick,                           
                                        out the
                                        fucking window.

If you were a bat or a cat
would you (want 
to) be anything else?
In a parallel world I did something so bad
& you beat the shit out of me.

Knocked me down, struck your
boot in so 
hard – cracked my
ribs jaw. Skull. Out

there I heard the Word

You knocked 2 times

I never answered.


                                                        (I can’t think to line the stars,
                                                        anymore, & the shape of things are, 

                                                        none of my business.)


Contributor's Note

I'm a Masters student, & a tutor of Creative Writing.


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