Case notes - Mere Taito

his nose cannot lift the
scent of self-help books
stretched across their bed 
like a marriage protector

he fingers the newspaper
convinced her orgasm
can be found in the comics

Kaunohoga - Mere Taito

dear Satendra Nandan
i have a pair of black shoes

knee-high winter boots
cobbled for family brawls

they know how to
bust up laundry buckets 
as if they were marriages with
voluptuous red lips

try them on 
Satendra Nandan
if you don’t believe me

slide a foot in nice and slow
imagine the zip as hair
grab it and drag it screaming 
all the way up the boot shaft

an elastic gusset will wrap 
the shaft in a choking hold
around a full taro calf – (do you 
have taro legs Satendra Nandan?) 
never mind
stand up straight and take
a few careful steps
the heel should not make you
teeter like a stilt walker

if you find yourself falling
Satendra Nandan

that’s the sucker punch 
of a step mother
hidden in the synthetic lining of 
my pair of black shoes

* Kaunohoga: (n, Rotuman) family
* Satendra Nandan is an Indo-Fijian poet and short story writer. He is the author of the short story ‘A pair of black shoes’, a prescribed text for secondary-level English literature in Fiji, in the 80s. I am not sure if ‘A pair of black shoes’ is studied today.

Contributor's Note

Mere Taito is a student of WRITE202 Sem B 2018 and loving it.

Editor's note: Unfortunately, due to HTML limitations, we are unable to accurately display the title of the second piece by Mere Taito, which should show the first 'a' of the title with an interpunct (i.e. ạ, 'Kạunohoga')

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