issue 5

october 2017

issue 5 - october 2017

On the early films of Yasujiro Ozu - Norman Franke

Sword of Penitence (lost)
Dreams of Youth (lost)
Pumpkin (lost)
A Couple on the Move (lost)
Wife Lost (lost)
Body Beautiful (lost)
Treasure Mountain (lost)
Days of Youth (earliest surviving film)
Fighting Friends, Japanese Style (14 minutes survive)
I graduated, but... (10 minutes survive)
The Life of an Office Worker (lost)
A straightforward Boy (short film)
An Introduction to Marriage (lost)

Accidental poem on a Genitive website (Mind Mars, Moses, Sands and Grace) - Norman Franke

A long day’s journey into the night.
A twenty minutes’ delay.

1968’s music was great,
so was Tallis’.

He dropped his keys at her bed’s feet
for righteousness’ sake.

The series’ first game;
the goalpost’s leg was broken,
the wet, slippery field’s grass prevented us from scoring.

The Smiths’ house.
The Burnses’ field.
The Martinezes’ backyard.
The Marxes’ daughters.

This computer’s networks will be down.
These computers’ network will be down.
Yahoo!’s chief executive went down.

The quarto edition of 
Loues labors lost
used no apostrophes.

Double genitives’ possibilities:
He is a political associate of the President’s.
Héloïse’s and Peter’s personal letters.
The Love of God.

Mind Mars, Moses, Sands, and Grace.

Contributor's Note

Dr Norman P. Franke writes poetry and novels and makes pastel drawings and documentary films while listening to Brahms 4th Symphony, Herbert Grönemeyer or Kate Bush over Darjeeling Tea. As a Conjoint Senior Lecturer in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Newcastle, NSW, Norman is involved in several research projects, including one focussing on the friendship between Albert Einstein and Upton Sinclair. He is also one of the co-organizers of the up-coming Reformation 500 conference at the Meteor Theatre in Hamilton.

Editor's note: Unfortunately, due to HTML limitations, we are unable to accurately display the title of the first piece by Norman Franke, which should show the 'o' of the Yasujirō title with a macron.


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