issue 5

october 2017

issue 5 - october 2017

Back Roads - Loren Thomas

Soak it in

           An unwanted visitor in the night.
                      like alcohol seeping into that 70s rug.
                                 Let smoke embrace you.

The moreporks and cicadas

           tussle with the rhythm and bass. 
                      Puff out your chest. 
                                 Break your rib cage. 
                                            Whistle through the night.

Kick up

           dust on the gravel road.
                      Saturday night drinks,
                                 Sunday night sleep ins.

Forget the nine to five

           and your parents next door.
                      The disappointing glare 
                                 of wasted academia.

Don’t worry

           about the residue
                      congealed under your nails 
                                 or the chips and bottle caps 
                                            nicking the skin off your fingers.

Let it bathe you

           Bathroom tears. 
                      Bedroom cussing. 
                                 The rustle of the backyard bush.

A rusted trampoline

           Our cosiest mattress tonight. 
                      Forget about the bugs 
                                 nestled under your frame.

Sleep in

           until next week’s 
                      comfortable repeat.

Contributor's Note

Loren Thomas has previously been published in Mayhem and Poetry New Zealand.


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