issue 5

october 2017

issue 5 - october 2017

Room 11 1967 - Steve Outram

at the bottom of the drawer i found room 11 1967 i had elephant legs tight clothes and my top button done up eric ran fast and never wore shoes nancy wore tartan and smelt of sick ashley and i got strapped on the same day marjorie laughed like a seal richard played tennis and never lost andrew lived on a farm and had a gay uncle on tv colin got hit in the crotch by a hockey ball followed by the stick bronwyn slapped me but i could never tell the teacher gundy had one ear and helped me score my only try shirley was fat and fainted in the pool it took six of us to get her out lance had no dad but his mum put on the best birthday parties ross and karl bounced on the soccer cross bar until it broke peter had stick out ears that he could flap and wiggle baz and i drank his dad’s home brew beer after school rosie bled on the concrete when she fell on her head julie was queen when i was king and stole my heart and mr mac our teacher died that year

Contributor's Note

I am a mature student in the final year of a Media and Creative Technology degree, and have been able to come to university with the wonderful support of my family. By chance, I happened upon the Creative Writing paper, and have appreciated the opportunity to write without boundaries again.


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