issue 5

october 2017

issue 5 - october 2017

Where are you - Jenny Price

Lingering in unlit hallways 
Sewn into curtain seams. 
Under bottles of patchouli hand soap
Or orange blossom bath salts. 
In the chain links of a cross 
Or on a surgeon’s scalpel.
Skewed on teeth of a zester
Or mummified in plain flour.
Under a pillow 
Or under the sofa. 
Under a burqa 
And laced lingerie 

Wedged under nails of a passed relationship 
Or in the fingerprints of my husband. 
Wedged on x chromosomes 
Wise man has little to offer.
Only two sets of genitalia 
One Barbie
One Ken
Below the epidermis
Sleeping within capillaries.
Under the freckles of fifteenth year old self 
Or greying hair follicles of fifty year old me.
Under a box of Gundam kits 
Or under a box of makeup kits. 
Under The God Delusion 
Or Where The Moon Isn't.

Why are you never in one place?

Contributor's Note

I am currently in my second year of studying a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science (Tech) conjoint. I am majoring in English and Psychology under my BA side and Biological Sciences and Environmental Science under my BSC. I have always had a passion for writing and plan to do so in the future of my studies.


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