issue 5

october 2017

issue 5 - october 2017

Broken House - Calum Hughes

A crack rushes through the koru whorls of a family plate. 
Three beads shiver on an ever-unravelling thread.
Silent, supine definitions of rigidity.

An instant waterfall bursts through sodden mist.
Tiny coffins filled and tombstone blankets tucked.
Cogs and springs wound tight.

Holes bored through, piercing comfort.
A tribe of parallel lines, close but never touching. 
The heavy packed darkness filling both ears with blood.

Time stretches like a too-small watch cuffing a blistered wrist. 
Condensation and steam make rain clouds and sweat. 
Lonely and united, strangers in an elevator slowly going down.

Familiar made odd like a speedy paint job. 
Slathered over cracks before breakfast. 
The pillow on the couch is crushed,

And still warm.

Contributor's Note

Calum Hughes is a 3rd year English and Theatre student. He is a Sir Edmund Hillary Scholar, an actor and writes every now and then. His background in Shakespeare, acting and old British comedies gives him an obsession with rhythm, wit and the sound image of words.


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