issue 5

october 2017

issue 5 - october 2017

Conference - Mark Anthony Houlahan

It was the

visitorial garb
of the
conferencing academic
tweed jacket
tourist map
left pocket

knitted tie
snappy trousers

that stood out from
the mid-day
marketplace crowd

It was the

on the
foot-long machete
an inch
from my
the polite request
of the knife-holding
young man

Be still Big Boss

It was the

soft hold
on my shoulders
of his
two assistants
their finesse in
a watch
from the
right wrist
and a
travel bag
from my back

That made the Johannesburg mugging adventure experience
a highlight of my South Africa sojourn

Contributor's Note

I first remember my own words in print for the school magazine, St. Peter's College, Epsom, 1971. They were late; and not as good as they should have been. So it goes. I’d like to recall the past clearly; & then be open to words arriving out of blue skies.


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