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issue 5

october 2017

issue 5 - october 2017

+ - Ash Dorgan

There’s a girl
a boy
a party
a bed
a condom
a condom?

was there a condom?

There’s tenderness in her breasts
a stain in her briefs
a pee pot
a pink plus
a question
a question?

what was the question?

There’s a blood test
a scan
a phone call
a fight
a choice
a choice?

was there a choice?

There’s a nurse
There’s another
There’s a shrink
There’s a doctor

There’s a pill
                              a pill
                                        a pill 
                                                  a pill

There’s a clock
                              a tick
                                        a tick
                                                  a tick

There’s a wheelchair

There’s a girl


Contributor's Note

Ash Dorgan is an aspiring writer studying English at the University of Waikato, specialising in Creative Writing.


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