issue 5

october 2017

issue 5 - october 2017

Dismantled - Rhys Monkley

I feel          strange that I still want      you      installed on me.
the way your wires     flew and     shook       in the breeze 
And made       me overheat
I want    ed to link up     with you 

We were linked up        for so terribly long
I felt like I was          irreplace    able
and you just       move to the      newest model         in a                day?
I get having a        well-used        port makes things      slide smooth     er     but
surely our connection must have meant something?

I want to be able to move      on
to move freely       without the jag      ged metal weighing me 
And without   feeling      your      wires stran    gle me
but I always get       dragged back, reinstalled
And I hate being shareware

Sure, the      new mod   el        is        better
it’s fast   er, bet  ter cool  ing…
hell, maybe      the fuck     ing       ports fit better
but they don’t       link      the same way we      did
I’ve s     till     got your program ming    sold     ered to me

Contributor's Note

I love writing horror and humour, and hopefully mixing the two together! Massive fan of everything freaky and funny, and greatly enjoy any opportunity to let others read my work. A lot of my stuff is inspired by the real world, be it through stories in games or real life experience.


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