issue 5

october 2017

issue 5 - october 2017

If Harry Dresden Was My Best Friend - Evelyn Birch

Our friendship would have started with Mister.
Cats know cat ladies.

We would chat so late
my teeth would feel fuzzy from all the chocolate
and tea.

We would swap leather duster for denim jacket, 
stretch our cheeks pink.

I would show him how to flirt
but grow distant when he 
flirted back.

I would reprimand him.

He would disappear 
and I would wait for his letters 
spattered with coffee and what I hope is rust.

Even after his letters no longer filled shoe boxes, 
I would still send him the Christmas present of Crystaderm
and a graphic print tee.

Contributor's Note

Evie is finishing up her undergrad study this year and hopes to pursue a publishing based career in the future. She's a self-confessed cat lady with a bone to pick with anyone who doesn't enjoy chocolate or a nice brew of tea.


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