issue 4

october 2016

issue 4 - october 2016

Down to Earth - Hazel Brooking

I write my dreams down
on creased A4
sealed with the wax of a melted heart
I use plastic biro
because my inkwell cracked in the kiln
and kiwis can't fly
I try writing lyrics on dusty windshields
though only birds sing my lullabies
I've reached my cross road blues
I turn left because nothing feels right anymore
others circle high on the updraft
but kiwis can't fly
I'm a drop of water and it's raining
count my bones as I hit the tarmac
so I write my dreams down
and snuff them out as shadows are chased across the grass by the setting sun
don't reach for the tissues because when I land
you will find they're just folded paper

Contributor's Note

Hazel Brooking: Bachelor of Arts student at Waikato University. Enjoys writing, theatre, as well as writing for theatre.


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