issue 4

october 2016

issue 4 - october 2016

Bath Night - Jenny Jenkins

Red and yellow coal flames catch 
Hot pans of bubbling water 
Mum drags the tin bathtub across the stone yard

Stepping in, water stings my feet 
Slipping down 
Water splashes my eyes 
Soap cleans my grubby knees

Mum scrubs my back 
Washes my jam tinged face 
Fingers curl around the edges 
By the fireplace 
draped towels hold back heat

I stand, making waves 
Hot towel envelopes me 
The smell of Nivea cream on Mum’s face 
My cheek hides in her dark curls

Scoured face, body and soul 
Ready for Sunday Mass 
Who’s next for the water? 

Contributor's Note

Jenny Jenkins is a new writer, taking interest in poetry as an undergraduate student. Her interest is the past, the memories that linger and are given life again in her poetry. Jenny is keen to explore the structure and architecture of the display of words on the page.


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