issue 4

october 2016

issue 4 - october 2016

This is a Poem - Dylan Byrne

This is not a house, 
this architecture is impossible, 
it’s views cannot be 
inside single frames of glass, 
there are no rafters 
for tarbucks to be tied

This is not a blue pearl 
tossed on black velvet 
with pinpricks and smears of light. 
No, the tenants that are scrawled 
cannot hope to hammer 
its movements in place

This comes from a tree 
with branching currents; 
it can live in a house, 
perch on a pearl, 
but it is the only thing
not knotted by them.

Contributor's Note

I am a BCMS student at the University of Waikato, but I often take the opportunity to study English, Psychology, and Philosophy in my spare time, or as additional papers. My writing usually takes me into the realms of poetry, graphical stories, game design, and cartoons.


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