issue 4

october 2016

issue 4 - october 2016

Introduction to writing poetry - Hella Bauer

after Billy Collins

I ask them to share 
the fragrance of the day

or to describe the man 
by his socks

I say extract the eyelash 
from the face and show me 
its wink

I want to find the soul 
of the yellow T-Shirt 
the moment 
in the black curls 
bobbing away

All they want to do is 
extract and collate 
from ‘how to’ guides

They torture rhyme 
into empty lines.

Word Song - Hella Bauer

Words with little brown shoes march 
from behind my brow 
they reach my teeth 
they slide down my tongue and leave 
in cadence   in 30-inch steps

the words with brown shoes 
are nice   and tidy   they belong 
to a   correct   world 
they make sense   and follow the rules.

From the back of my head 
other words dance 
on tippy toes 
they flit 
like fantails

they run zig zag through my brain 
they visit the left ear and the right 
they rest for hours 
behind each eye

when they are ready 
they pause 
and somersault 
out of my mouth.

Contributor's Note

Hella Bauer reads and writes incessantly. She writes poetry and creative non-fiction to revisit and express the joys and challenges of being alive. For a living she creates web content, manuals and much else.


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