issue 3

october 2015

issue 3 - october 2015

Looking for Hannah Leigh (after Iain Sharp) - Hannah Dewhurst

Hannah Leigh is a label hand-stitched into a baby’s face
Hannah Leigh is a collection of glass jars filled with sand

Hannah Leigh is a high, hollow ring
The afterthought of a gunshot

Hannah Leigh is the middle seat of a patched up grey couch
Hannah Leigh is thirteen cinnamon quills propped against misted glass

A piled wall surrounds Hannah Leigh
Stones, driftwood and rusted wire
Where all the doors are mirrors

Hannah Leigh is a tangle of red spattered ivy
Hannah Leigh is a dust drowned bible

No wax-eyed masks
Or copper pyres

Hannah Leigh is the child off chasing butterflies
While others sit and draw them

Contributor's Note

Hannah is a third year student studying English, Japanese and Philosophy. Creative writing lurks around with her other hobbies, prefers to write drafts up a tree.


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