issue 3

october 2015

issue 3 - october 2015

The Beginning - Carmen Penny

They exchange high fives with him 
while my stomach turns.
It wasn't what I expected at all. 
Nobody told me it wasn't normal to cry. 

They brush against me 
and comment on the softness of my skin. 
I don't mention the water running cold as I scrub till I'm raw. 
He still smells of dollar cologne and aftershave.
My flesh is decorated red and purple. 
Nobody told me I couldn't cut away the feeling of his hands.

Contributor's Note

I’m a 21 year old mother who is in the first year of my Bachelor. I’m majoring in Psychology, Sociology & English. I have always had a passion for writing and the arts in general. I think that art helps to change the way that people think, and helps to express how people feel.


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