issue 3

october 2015

issue 3 - october 2015

The Body Is - Shelby Managh

The body is 
a lifetime 
of spinning cogs
ticking arrows
moves at half speed
while her arm reaches for me
but I am too slow.

The body is 
a sheet of thin ice
bracing for impact
hitting the ground before 
I can get a solid grip.

The body is 
held together with super glue
a bag of skin
with the weight of
shadows and keys

The body is 
late nights and
half cured cancer
the phone that rings
at 4 am
I bury into 
my sheets
and wait for the moment
I can give my pain a 10
and let my body lie.

Goodbye - Shelby Managh

As a child I wore goodbyes 
to hold me in slow motion 
so that tears would out run me.

I couldn’t understand 
the function of seven little letters.
But without them I couldn’t breathe.

With goodbye came the loneliness 
a monster of hands and gestures.

Goodbye doesn’t mean see you later.  
It doesn’t have a happy ending.

Goodbye is stunting the sunlight as it stalks clouds,
And pulling the shades on your dress 
Riddled with mud fights and daisy chains.

It is the dark horse that charges 
my dreams, the hooded rider

that carves out the last glance

Contributor's Note

A drone who thought it'd be fun to do a BA/LLB. At least the creative writing is fun and rather therapeutic. I'd love to be a spoken word poet if I had the confidence and a mock Bowery Poetry Club to do it at. 


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