issue 3

october 2015

issue 3 - october 2015

Today - Jeanie Richards

Today I feel like the torn off corner 
of a chocolate block wrapper.
The ripped strip 
that ends up on the floor 
stuck to the bottom of your shoes 
or under the cupboard door 
swept up with other dust and cat hair.
The piece of shit the vacuum won’t pick up
and if it does, blocks the hose.
The ashtray full of late night butts 
and thick yellow toenail clippings.

I shuffle around, disordered metre.
Open the wardrobe to look for 
the black clothes I’ll need for the next three days.

There is no shortage of options.

Pull out the felt covered coat hanger for my ‘best blacks,’
the ones I’ll wear on the last day.
Close the wardrobe

Shuffle back to the lounge room 
where the cats are curled up on the mattress 
you were on when the ambulance arrived.
One has its head on your beanie
purring loudly, waiting for the usual pat.

He’ll be waiting a while…

Contributor's Note

Aussie exile who has lived in NZ for the last 20 years. Studied Sociology/Philosophy at Waikato from 95-01. Returned to work at Waikato in 2012 where she has been dabbling in creative writing.  Interested in social justice issues and prospecting.


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