issue 3

october 2015

issue 3 - october 2015

Parachutes and Daisies - Brittany Rose

A black-haired girl and her blond brother 
under the hand-built table. 
Beneath S P A C E D   L E T T E R S 
a voided love note 
a red Crayola heart. 
Net curtains 
dance with flecks 
of dust, and skin. 
Billow, drift, waft 
in the yellow air. 
Wooden sills and 
golden latches. 
I walk down the hallway, 
past the room 
where my sister sleeps 
with the bassinet and 
rose pinstripe paper.

I walk past the Roman blind, 
with the braided cord 
handcrafted by my mother. 
I walk to the big room where 
my brother is busy. 
He ties knots. 
           in knots. 
           in knots. 
           in knots. 
Knotted doorknobs, 
           locked in knots. 
Yellow earmuffs & plastic parachutes. 
The little girl and her blond brother, 
from the double doors, 
to the prickle patch. 
In hand-me-down shoes, my sister slips. 
Her teeth 
her bottom lip.

The chainsaw rips 
the hedged edge, 
and shreds 
kowhai confetti. 
The scarlet 
into the lake. 
colour spills, and 
Ruapehu’s pencil edge. 
the house is smeared 
with primary yellow paint. 
A fucking kayak on the wall 
in the room where I 
pirouette around my sister. 
I click through the photos and see my brother 
collide with timber, decked, 
when he jumps from the double doors 
with plastic bags 
around his shoulders.

Contributor's Note

As an avid childhood reader with a librarian for a grandmother, Brittany Rose takes delight in everything word-related. At 23, she is very much enjoying poetry despite hating it with melodramatic passion throughout high school.
This is her second appearance in Mayhem, and she will be published in Poetry NZ (no. 50), due out in October/November 2015.


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