issue 3

october 2015

issue 3 - october 2015

Scratching Memories - James Warner

I remember
the salt and sand on mustard coloured shores
superman capes
yummy strawberry dreams
I stepped on a hedgehog

I remember
cloudless skies on land that shook
staple bombs
disrupting the brown murky depths
summer splashing away days

I remember
crying white lightning and freezing hands
bronze medal moments
chewed and lost
never to catch my mother's warm blue gaze

I remember
yellow nicotine fingers with a red faced fuse 
ears pricked and wild eyes
wait to snap and demean
my example of a man

I remember
legless daddy and muddy pants
alcohol breath 
slurred scarlet wine lies, stained white shirt
my example of a man

I remember
amongst fog and chaos on a silent hill
scratched on the stone walls of nothing
buried in the colours of the now

Contributor's Note

I am James Warner. I'm doing a bachelors degree in Screen and Media with a major in English. I hope to go from university into writing and directing my own films and using this goal as motivation to continue to write and be creative. 


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