issue 3

october 2015

issue 3 - october 2015

Should I tell you that you have your cardy on inside out? - Jane Forkert

I wander around the tables, looking
for my own space. The stack room
is full, I was hoping for quiet, but
you, you and your pupil 
don’t know the rules. 

Your head is forward,
a razor-cut fringe shields a razor-sharp stare.
Linguistic lines fly toward
a far away dialect, 
causing thick brows to close 
around foreign fingers.

Legs entwine,
foot tapping in time with your desire
to jump further than the language barrier.
More than the carpet burns as you rise.
You say you have walked here, 
he replies he has a car.

Hands blur, 
the zip of your bag
nags the unanswered question.
His chair glides smoothly over your intentions.

Arms reach,
stripping bare the chairs, 
revealing the promise of 
togetherness in a small space.
Soles slide,
spaces widen 
to his step, 
and close 
with your breath.

Yes, it’s parked at home in the garage.
Should I tell you that you have your cardy on inside out?

Contributor's Note

Jane specializes in fixing issues from the past for the future. Biographies, healing/past-life regression and energetic purification. She enjoys an interesting pastime - objective observation of humanity.


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