issue 3

october 2015

issue 3 - october 2015

Blue - Hunter Martoncik

She puts the alcohol to her lips. Each sip stitching her insides. Nylon twists in and out of her heart, trailing down between her lungs. Yanking tight so that each part works properly again.

The nylon wraps around her toes and tugs her to the shore. She spends her nights here. The cold sand cutting into her feet.

Along the watery path of the ocean, the stars reflect up at her face. Two infinities, two wonders. She is sandwiched between the immensity of both.

She sleeps fast, lying on her hands from the weight of it all. No one can answer the questions on her mind. She walks with her face to the ground, hoping no one will ask. It is a curse, one that she loves.

Along the shore, a paddle crab grabs ahold of her pinky toe. She sits as the tide comes in, slowly sucking the blood from her.

She grows empty under the sun. She closes her eyes and rubs them with her small fists. She rubs and rubs until lights twinkle beneath her eyelids, making her own starry night.

One night her parents drove her away from her watery home. She pressed her head hard against the window of the car. Squinting her eyes just enough to stretch the street lights into the sky. Her faith crumbling as the lights did not live up to the stars.

The sand eventually escaped the cracks between her toes. The salt washed out of her long hair. She feared she would grow too big, no longer sandwiched between her two great loves.

She soaks her head until the hair turns white. At the tips she colors it blue. She lives trapped in her head between the ocean and the stars.

During the day she has forgotten the beauty of her loves. Instead she rubs joints between her fingers. A different set of stars plague her mind now. Instead of paddle crabs, she watches the blade slowly draw blood from her arm. The water in the bathtub draining her, turning the water pink. No stars, no sand.

She spends her nights here.

Contributor's Note

After finding her way to New Zealand from America, Hunter has recently finished her Bachelor's degree in Writing Studies. She hopes to continue doing what she loves and traveling wherever life seems to take her. She is currently looking for a job.


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