issue 3

october 2015

issue 3 - october 2015

Yellow-Gap-Grin - Fabian Tipene

Who put you up to it? 
Is your laugh a nervous or defiant one? 
Either way, we all managed to inherit it 
Broad and devoid of fucks 
Breath expelled like chips in a game of craps 
Did they give you the suit? 
So we could give a face to your savagery 
Folded in bush of green and brown
The bowler capping your head
Like a blunt bullet at the end of a shell
You could fall asleep 
Inside the barrel of a gun, I bet
More than one set of lines
Cut into your face like the spinal grooves
Of cabbage tree leaves
Side by side with the gutters 
That time etched into your collagen
I’d wager you were a survivor
Because you should have been sinking
Like a pipi escaping hungry hands 
But you didn't 
you kept 
Because a walk down a trail of tears 
Don't mean shit to you, brother

Contributor's Note

[Not provided - Ed.]


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