issue 3

october 2015

issue 3 - october 2015

It's Their Wedding Day - essa ranapiri

Flies buzz
Cow tail
Flick the air
Piss off it’s their wedding day

Flags tethered to electric fence
Trapped in a pen
Clucking hens oblivious

Strangers in their very best
A stream of people
Trickle into the crowd

Wind into the shallows

Pink flowers dangle over the lip
Of the glass jar
Ginger hair and observation
Clipping the day into 
A photo album

Logs for seats

Generic in their fine attire
Black suits summer dresses
Floral alignments
Autumn is tempted
Leaves let go
Shiver on new shoes

Quad for drinks
Liquor store on wheels
We have to keep hydrated on hot days like these

Plectrum on strings
Lower tone
You got me
The motor hums 
Mop cut short
Musicians cleaned up

It would be cool living in that place

Shaded grass tides
Languorous blanket
Brown criss-crossed yellow
Stag horns protruding
Bunk beds

Soft ambiance, polite conversation
Oh how long has it been
And what have you been up to lately
And that sounds nice
Mingled with the wind

In a tight blue number
Stubble and nerves
The bride traditionally late

On time
Cows hum
Deep throated bass of the milk

Smile wave and turn
That you’ve adopted

The eco-system is that fragile

Trees boo and cheer
Or whatever it is trees do

Kids play chase
Through the maze
Of adult bodies

Dream catchers and Chinese lanterns

White sweaty hands ruffle the hair
Part it just right
Enough for the rest of your life

There’s no organ playing
Two letters in an equation
Packets of confetti
The chariot
In maroon 
Veil caught opening the door
Persuade it to run
Discuss the next move

Laugh it out
Slow motion procession
Flower girls then
Brides maids

All stand
Wind takes the veil
Trip over words
Repeat sentimentalities
And that most human of looks
A glorious laugh

Into such bigness
Hold hands and
Take a

The clap of a case
They fit
Just right

Sweet as high five
You may kiss

Sign the register
Quivering flowers

A do-I-love-you warble over 
Windswept ceremony

The very air shivers with joy
At something pretty fucking close
To love

MAKEDAMNSURE - essa ranapiri

You wrapped my neck in nylon you found by the rocks at the wharf
And attached tiny shells
Sliding each one into place
Naturally I showed my parents
Who didn’t know what to think of you

You bring down a forest in your attempts
To share your feelings
I like you
Is a story you never cease to illustrate
With the frame of your hazel eyes
Trying to trap a memory of me

You would spend each and every recess
Spying on me
Enlisting others into your 

Checking the mail box is a habit
I know you took from me
Pulling scrunched up circulars
Through the slot

And you scared me when you took your 
Hollow death threat 
From a Taking Back Sunday song
You want to break me down?
My parents took it a lot more seriously than I did.

The school counsellor
Gave you a restraining order
Despite the fact
Every single class we took was the same

Your heart bled on your sleeve
And it became increasingly hard to avoid
The arterial spray
Over the bush where you hid your
Pencil case for a laugh

For three years I had to survive
Under the barrage of your misplaced 

But I did
And I hope

Eight years from now
The guilt still weighs you down
Enough to write a poem about it

Contributor's Note

A person who lives halfway between reality and a dream. Has a world of words to share. Studies English and History. Will be finished soon.


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