issue 3

october 2015

issue 3 - october 2015

You Do Your Best Theatre Offstage - Liam Hinton

She said to me
I already used all the God I got
You'd be an animal after the transaction

He was bacteria by wavelength
I can't cum on his mattress
Just got the privilege of witnessing you re-enter the atmosphere 
Fourteen dead

She's true white but manually darkened
Music in disease form
Yellow shines through
She's sorry
to break a butterfly upon a solar eclipse

But you're entitled
to your raping me back and forth
Devil in a deck chair
You're entitled
to your one once more

Water is forgetting
I am broken
And too fucked up to believe in time
Choke this infant here before me 
Life tossed between three categories

You're entitled
To your live theatre placebo
Just a wad of honey that I can't feel

Sorry for all those I have to be
My androgynous excuse of will 
Therapist in distance

Turn condom inside out 
Brand new

Walk in long hair
leave short
She told me it's because I am far less 
atmospheric than my predecessor
I'm more of a dog person
Don't shit on the lawn
Haunches back
You're entitled
to your half of the scraps

Contributor's Note

My name is Liam Hinton and I am "A red headed petulant little shit who likes to write poems" - Karl. I am a first year studying at Waikato university majoring in English and Theatre who has, about five hours from the deadline, buckled to peer pressure because spinelessness... Done.


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