issue 3

october 2015

issue 3 - october 2015

Delinquent English Major - Melody Wilkinson

This prose chases me 
off the computer and into the dark house behind me.
This piece is disturbing the melody in me.
I don’t mind reading about sex
But this is not what I wanted.
This prose may give me nightmares 
I will have to blot it out with a picture of flowers or puppies.
‘Desire’ and ‘Burn’ in the same stanza?
Maybe that’s what’s good about this poem.
Damn it
I like this piece
it doesn’t make me cry without knowing why.
I can’t pay attention with all this rhyming.
My dislike of this prose indicates
I may, in fact, be culturally stupid.
Maybe it’s my sex bias?
This poem makes my feminism feisty 
but maybe I’m doing it wrong.
This piece confirms
I should never even try to be a writer with a genius like her out there
also, I would like to be her friend.
I really like forgiveness.
I know I have a Jesus bias but I like it.
I will be dropping 
words in the coming minutes.
I hope the end is not the truth 
or is it a metaphor?
I like the prose better.

Contributor's Note

Melody Wilkinson is an RN BSN graduated Suma Cum Laude from Regis University in Denver CO where she grew up. She is currently writing a blog with the only goal to make people laugh. She received the Sam Barnes Award for excellence at Waikato University for her screenplay.


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