issue 3

october 2015

issue 3 - october 2015

Chronometer - Helena Dow

She stands by the mirror
dissecting the woman crosswise – 
                                    corner to corner.
Red-rimmed eyes narrowed – 
Mouth pinched.
Horizontal lines
show the tag of dashing turns – 
the branded trunk of cattle –  
Arms hang loose – 
loomed by veins and patches.       
Her body bare
in burst-out bumps
stands rigid,
A metallic sheet
posed in dual panic mode –    
A miscast 
of implied anti-thrill        
in the still of the night.

She stands by the mirror
to hear from the rival’s mouth. 
A voice ticks against walls of matter – 
The voice breathing from the back of her brow –
against the hollow of tomorrow 
in the room where the child sleeps.

She stands beside herself
detached from body, crown and arms –  
scissors against scalp
eyes split by glooms 
while auburn curls fall like shavings 
lost for a while 
in the curve of her view.

How fast is the clock in the darkness
when you ask for redemption?

Contributor's Note

BA, Postgraduate Student University of Waikato.
Interests: Modern languages, Art history & Creative writing (fiction, non-fiction; prose & poetry).
My ambition is to observe, explore & challenge cultural assumptions, beliefs, human sufferings, traumatic experiences & biographical details in my writings.


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