Personality Test - Shannon Newlands

  1. You approach an escalator and your heart begins to race.
  2. Often, you accidentally wear two left shoes.
  3. Sometimes, you have more sense than money.
  4. On a Sunday morning, your liver and your bank balance can’t decide who hates you more.
  5. Sometimes, you have more money than sense.
  6. Scars map childhood adventures on your skin.
  7. A person’s knowledge of ‘Finding Nemo’ is an acceptable indicator of a potential relationship.
  8. Sometimes, you forget how to think.
  9. Your hearing automatically piques at the sound of the word ‘dog’.
  10. Birthdays are both the best day and the worst day.
  11. It is an achievement to make it up a flight of stairs unscathed. 
  12. Bad TV shows call your name.
  13. You usually find your new pet fish upside down at the top of the bowl.
  14. You could spend hours thinking about how novels are just combinations of the same 26 letters.
  15. The only person that enjoys your jokes is you.
  16. Sometimes you wonder if your cell phone is your best friend.
  17. Couples make you nauseous.
  18. You sometimes wake up with your own hair wrapped around your fingers.
  19. Often, you spend time thinking about your brain.
  20. The word ‘moist’ makes your skin crawl.
  21. You never fully understood the point of personality tests.

Contributor's Note

Shannon is currently in her third year of a Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts conjoint degree. She always liked how words sound, but is just now figuring out how much better they sound when written by her.


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