School Playground circa 1999 - essa may ranapiri

Palms rub raw on monkey bars
Gripping tightly
Never letting go


Contortions in the air
A circus performer
Holding on to emptiness

As the weight of a young body
Momentum carrying him upwards
Splay in all directions

Toes stretch 
Wind rush between each tiny gap


The heart careens
Into the throat 
Before being forced back down with the rest of him

The ground greets his form with a soft crunch

With zero motion
In an ocean of bark

Negative One of One - essa may ranapiri

Cold aerial framed by cloud breaking light. Standing on roof tile, a scarecrow perched on a ledge. Below, a silver Nissan remembers to be patient. But it is hard to resist the temptation of tarmac. The houses do not share this feeling. They spend much of their time playing family. The black paths have no love for tyre marks. My eyes are not for driving down these roads that pass quiet neighbourhoods in a monochrome existence of cars and aerials.

This greyscale cage was only made for


A form

Maya could                                              never touch

Cocaine                         white skin


by black folds


through fingertips

(The high never wore off)

A per-

fect canvas of stark contrast





by a haunting smile

That leaves the eyes

half closed

the teeth like

pearl gravestones

Worst of all the crease between a

feline nose

And a soft lip

I can still taste the


And remember the words

“It’s my job to make your life difficult”

But the photograph is not


The plastic foil doesn’t feel like her at all

It misses


The ever so slight bunching of flesh

Above her hips

Her stately posture so frequently impaired

By a laugh like trickling water

Black tresses soft as silk

Falling into my eyes

Over her shoulders

Butterfly wings brush her wrist

And the rhythm of her voice

The tinkle of a glockenspiel

Are all replaced


Cars & Aerials

Contributor's Note

A person who lives halfway between reality and a dream. Has a world of words to share. Studies English and History. Will be finished soon.


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