Moving On - Kay Ramsbottom

painting in the hot sun 
Tony sulked inside
(he claimed a headache)
Jonathan had come to
help me finish the house
so I could sell

we coloured over the cracks
that were filled with putty
Jonathan ran out of paint
(or so he said)
climbed my ladder to
dip in my paint can

I knew from the way
that my skin lit up
all the way from the
backs of my knees
to my buttocks 
that he wanted more from me
than a brushful of
Eucalyptus Green

Contributor's Note

I'm a mature-age student doing a degree in Computer Graphic Design at Waikato. I have always enjoyed creative writing and took some courses in it when I lived in California for eight years. I grew up in the southern suburbs of Sydney, and moved to NZ in 2006.


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