Breakdown - Helena Dow

Set me free from the barred enclosure
and scratch off the ice 
where my mouth persists against the wall of solid,
my lips still in the shape of my last offering.

Drill two holes where my lashes 
and upper eyelids
are bonded to the frozen window.
Separate the deep pocket of spikes from my eyeballs 
and release the terror from my manifested eyes.

Chisel gentle around my compacted breasts,
and scrape free my lungs.
De-ice the slime and mucus in my throat
to ventilate the grievance, the silent arguments 
and inaudible lyrics. 

Open a passage to my heart and my coronary atrium.
Let the phlegm in my isolated veins liquefy,
and kindly remodel
and control my atrial pacing.

Carve out my elongated body,
and sculpt with care along my spiny back
to retain the image of my vertical stability.

Pare sensibly around my front and dorsal limbs.
Untangle my wispy fingers, one by one,
and slowly undo my folded hands across my groin.

Slice the ice between my legs.
The reckless stroke of the blade 
intends to shatter the last relics of my constraint.

Let my limp body glide to the surface, 
let me feel the light, 
and leave behind the toxin-filled piles and slivers…

Impressionism - Helena Dow

She sits on an angle
in the left corner of the wooden window sill
on a tangerine shade of fleece.
Her inactive body covered with an olive stroke
exhales harmony.  
Her right foot, pixyish and ashen
dangles from the knee downwards.
Her freckled arms loose aside
appear bronzed in the reflection 
of her setting and the reddened blush
of her let-down mane.
Her modest mouth vaguely open;
engaging, calm and ginger dyed.
Golden sprays in sea-green eyes 
framed by a flaxen spread of lashes.
Last sunbeams flashing by 
and holding the instant for a moment

Contributor's Note

BA, Postgraduate Student University of Waikato.
Interests: Modern languages, Art history & Creative writing (fiction, non-fiction; prose & poetry).
My ambition is to observe, explore & challenge cultural assumptions, beliefs, human sufferings, traumatic experiences & biographical details in my writings.


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