Publish with Mayhem and The Never Press Project

Our goal is to foster, develop and celebrate local creatives.

That's why we're keen to publish literary fiction, non-fiction and poetry from emerging and established artists from across Aotearoa New Zealand, and work that falls within our areas of interest.

We are especially interested in new and emerging authors, and those who share our vision of celebrating and supporting a thriving creative community. We are interested in bold, exciting, considered writing.

The Never Press Project welcomes proposals from all writers living in Aotearoa New Zealand. If you're based in Kirikiriroa Hamilton and/or the Waikato, then that is an advantage, but not a necessity. We will also consider works for suited for a local audience.

Sorry, but we aren't able to consider submissions from overseas authors if their work doesn't have a meaningful connection with Aotearoa New Zealand.

How to submit your manuscript

For submissions of fiction, poetry or creative essay collections, we require a complete manuscript.

For submissions of creative nonfiction, we require a proposal and a sample text (the first 10,000 to 20,000 words of your manuscript, to the nearest complete chapter).

Email with "Manuscript submission" in the subject line.

Please include in your email the following:
- a brief message that tells us about you and your book
- proposed word count, or page count for poetry collections
- a breakdown of your work:
     - for non-fiction works, a detailed chapter breakdown
     - for short story collections, a brief description of each work
     - for poetry or blended collections, an explanation of the narrative or thematic arc of your work
- an assessment of your intended readership, and a list of similar titles on the market
- your email and phone number

When emailing your submission, please attach the manuscript as a Word document. If it is necessary for formatting purposes, also submit a PDF. Please title the file with your name and the name of the work. 

We recommend formatting your file in a plain 12pt font. Double spacing is appreciated for longer manuscripts, but poetry collections can be single spaced.

Make sure your manuscript is in A4 format, with the pages numbered. Please send your manuscript as a single file; do not separate chapters, sections or works into different files.

We do not consider hard copies, nor will we consider works that haven't been submitted correctly.


We'll let you know when we've received your work, but please give us up to three months to consider your manuscript.

If your manuscript is accepted, then congrats! We'll be in touch to talk about the details. 

If your manuscript is declined, we'll let you know by email. We're generally not able to give detailed critical commentary on the manuscripts we receive, so your email reply won't have any detailed feedback. We appreciate your understanding. If you'd like to receive feedback on your manuscript, then check out our Services page.


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